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Thermal metering regulations coming to Canada
While oversight of electricity and gas metering has been in place for quite some time, thermal metering has managed to remain unchecked. But soon that’s going to change. By 2026, Measurement Canada plans to have thermal energy metering regulated in a similar fashion as gas and electricity.
Boosting energy efficient improvements may lower energy demand
Lighting, computer and HVAC equipment were identified as key areas for potential energy savings in the commercial real estate industry. These energy efficient improvements, along with other items in the residential sector, could help Canada reduce its energy consumption by up to 15 per cent by 2035, according to a new Conference Board of Canada report.
Survey finds majority opposes home-sharing services ban
With short-term rental rules on the horizon in at least two major Canadian cities, a group that monitors regulatory trends is touting the recent survey finding that a majority of Canucks oppose a ban on home-sharing services such as Airbnb.
Q&A: Knowing Your Apartment Funding Options
Cranes are in the air as apartment construction activity increases in markets across Canada. No doubt, these are opportune times for apartment builders, and ones that require a nuanced understanding of the markets and respective lending options.
Toronto-based Emma Capital expands into Florida
Emma Capital Investments Inc. announced it has purchased a 408-unit apartment community in Orlando for a purchase price of $US 47,000,000.
Baltimore apartment welcomes first refrigerated lockers
A 183-unit luxury apartment community in Baltimore, Maryland, is the first of its kind to offer residents refrigerated lockers.
H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is one of Ontario's premier maintenance supply wholesalers. We specialize in multi-unit residential space; providing quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and product knowledge second to none. We exist to service and supply the property management industry.
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Turning down the volume on noise complaints
Noise transmission may be attributed to construction or design deficiencies. Fortunately, noise problems caused by the building itself can be resolved through remedial work.
Canadian home sales fall 2.1 per cent in July
National home sales fell 2.1 per cent from June to July, marking the fourth consecutive month of declining sales activity, according to statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association.
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.gif Building and energy leaders urge shift to net-zero energy
Leading building and energy professionals are pressing for action on net-zero energy ready construction and more green jobs.
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Cleaning chemicals create post-flood hazards
Cleanup of flood-damaged properties must be approached with a knowledge of chemistry so that the cleaning chemicals do not cause even greater and more immediate hazards.
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