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Single-use professional sports venues falter

The late 20th century rise and speedy 21st century fall of suburban, single-use professional sports venues has left several North American cities — and their teams — with an albatross far from today’s preferred downtown location and associated mix of supporting land uses. Ottawa and Calgary are two current Canadian examples where pressure is mounting to abandon major arenas still far from the end of their structural life cycles and build anew.

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2. An upscale co-working space in Old Montreal

A sensitive design intervention made a heritage building feel like home for start-up. Read More »

3. Q3 2017 apartment market highlights

One trend this year is the development of new mixed-use properties by major pension funds and large institutional investors (including REITs). Read More »

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4. Fostering social justice at Adler University
Dedicated to graduating socially responsible practitioners, Adler University is not a typical school. So naturally, its new Vancouver campus could not be a typical learning environment. Read More »
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5. 'No VOCs' product claim not always what it seems
Building occupants may still be inhaling VOCs and other chemical emissions that can trigger asthma. Read More »
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