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The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association looking for volunteers
The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association is announcing that they will be sending out nomination forms to their membership for various positions on a Chapter and National Board level at the end of August 2015.


ICAO ADDENDUM NO. 2/Corrigendum NO. 2
ICAO (International Civil Aviation Administration) has released an Addendum NO. 2/Corrigendum NO. 2 for their Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.

This 22-page addendum/corrigendum includes various editorial corrections, state variations and a large number of operator variations (including American Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, British Airways and Fed Ex).

Weekly Product Showcase September 11, 2015
Stay up to date on the industry's newest products and services from these ISSA members.

Get With the Program: Aluf Plastics, Inc.’s Poly Sheeting Program offers numerous plastic sheeting sizes and strengths for addressing a variety of facility maintenance needs. Aluf Plastics’ lightweight, 2-millimeter sheet covers surfaces, equipment, and furniture to protect from particulates created by renovations and sanding, while the thicker 4- and 6-millimeter sheets can be used for more heavy-duty jobs. 

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Kimberly Clark
Rapid Growth, Bountiful Harvests
Reduce pressure on natural forests and promote environment stewardship with GreenHarvest* towel and tissue products by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, made with 20% rapidly renewable plant fiber.
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Alberta Chapter Golf Tournament
River Bend Golf Club, Red Deer, Alberta
Contact: Tami Hatcher at 

Canada Night, Las Vegas, Nevada
5:30pm - 8:00pm 
Held In Conjunction With Issa/Interclean
Contact: CSSA - 905 665-8001 

Ontario Chapter Christmas Luncheon
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Richmond Hill Country Club
Contact Brad Fraser at or Mike Nosko at
5 reasons to deploy cleaning equipment for commercial spaces
With the introduction of innovative cleaning techniques, a remarkable boom in the demand of professional cleaning services has been observed. But, what good is a cleaning service that isn’t backed by technological advancements prevailing in the present era? Therefore, many leading commercial cleaning services have adopted technologically sound cleaning equipment that simplifies cleaning in commercial premises to a great extent.
Green Household Cleaners Are Not All That Green
Although there are many cleaning products on the market that boast to be "ecologically-friendly," "natural," or "biodegradable," these claims tend to be large and lacking in meaning. Ecological claims have become a way for commercial products to accrue buyers without full disclosure. In short, they offer buzzwords without holding much weight behind them.
Peterborough's Charlotte Products offers up first Canadian-made all organic cleaning products
PETERBOROUGH — After three years of research and an extensive search for the best raw materials, a Peterborough company will be the first in Canada to produce a certified all-organic line of cleaning products.
More Jan/san Distributors Are Turning To Vendor Managed Inventory
Imagine if an end user never needed to count its inventory. Instead, the end user’s distributor performed the count and constantly maintained the product supply according to previously agreed-upon numbers.

The customer wouldn’t need to place emergency phone calls requesting additional products, and the distributor wouldn’t worry about competitors stealing away business. That sounds like a lifelong customer, right? 

Will this year’s flu shot work better than last year’s flop?
CALGARY – Alberta flu clinics will open to the public Oct. 20 but will rolling up your sleeve be worth it? Last year, Canadians lined up early in the season but as it turned out, those people may have been better off staying home.

“Last year was quite unusual, it was the first time we ever had zero effectiveness for a vaccine,” said Dr. James Dickinson, head of the Alberta Influenza Surveillance Program.

Guarantee Healthier Facilities With Color-coded Commercial Cleaning Supplies
Color-coding in the cleaning industry is not a new idea, but it has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, particularly in health- and food-related markets. There are two big reasons for the renewed interest: Illnesses caused by cross-contamination have been making headlines, and the language barrier in the janitorial industry continues to widen.
Contract Cleaners Find Low-Moisture Methods Effective For Interim Carpet Care, Maintenance
Low-moisture carpet cleaning has come a long way. In a part of the industry that was predicated on hot-water extraction just a dozen years ago, low-moisture methods are now commonly accepted and even preferred for some applications.

“When we started, low-moisture [carpet cleaning] was really the red-headed step child of the cleaning industry,” says Lonnie McDonald. Based in Grandview, Missouri, McDonald is president of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA), a nonprofit aimed at increasing knowledge of low-moisture carpet cleaning methods.

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