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Lighting the way to happier tenants
First impressions matter, especially when it comes to apartment buildings. For many prospective tenants, the outside appearance of a rental property can make or break whether they would choose to live there. Good lighting with a well-thought out design not only looks more enticing, but it also improves security—and it can be done with a low capital investment.
Institutional investors see residential gains
Institutional investors participating in the REALPAC/IPD Canada Property Index generally realized the best return on investment from their residential holdings last year.
UK housing data standard promises efficiencies
A newly released data standard is the first step in an envisioned common platform for the United Kingdom’s housing providers to manage and integrate information.
Affordable Housing Crisis Sparks Innovation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Affordable Rental Housing Innovation Fund is investing in ideas to help spark a rental revolution. The Fund expects to create up to 4,000 affordable units over five years to fill the gap for low to moderate income-households, seniors, new immigrants and young professionals.
Ontario introduces new standard lease
Ontario is introducing a new standard lease that will be mandatory for private residential leases signed on or after April 30, 2018, including tenancies in single and semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, rented condominiums and secondary units (such as basement apartments).
Capital growth nudges 2017 investment returns
Capital growth nudged up 2017 investment returns for the 43 portfolios participating in the REALPAC/IPD Canada Property Index.
H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is one of Ontario's premier maintenance supply wholesalers. We specialize in the multi-unit residential space; providing quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and product knowledge second to none. We exist to service & supply the property management industry.
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New affordable housing coming to Ottawa
The federal, provincial and municipal governments announced that they are investing over $74 million to create more than 675 affordable housing units throughout the city of Ottawa.
Hamilton tops list of most intelligent communities worldwide
Hamilton has been selected by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year, worldwide.
loop_maintenance_banner.gif Ontario looks to boost elevator availability
Ontario is looking to boost elevator availability in multi-storey residential buildings, as well as long-term care and seniors’ homes. In what would be a global first, the provincial government plans to establish a data-based standard for the time it takes to turn around elevator repairs.
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Landlords seek cannabis veto
With the Cannabis Act set to make recreational pot use legal throughout Canada, landlords are demanding the right to ban the divisive substance within their rental units before the law officially takes effect, July 1.
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