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President's Message


Have you ever had one of those days when your head just hurts so much and you started panicking because you felt incredibly overwhelmed? I have. Countless times over my forty years in the workforce.

There’s so much to do and only so many hours to do it in. Your customers are demanding too much of your time and your family is getting too little of it. And just when do you have time for yourself to chill and reboot to get some energy to clear your mind? Probably never or not enough.

Being overwhelmed is definitely something to be taken seriously. To have the feeling that you’re drowning in responsibility can be devastating to your mental health. Depression or general unhappiness…anxiety and agitation…moodiness, irritability, or anger. Eventually, as we all know, it will affect your physical health by suppressing your immune system, upsetting your digestive and reproductive systems, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speeding up the aging process.

It’s really important to recognize that your spouse or a family member, your co-worker or, most importantly, you are displaying symptoms of being overwhelmed. The effects of stress can be contagious, and relieving stress shouldn’t be a burden for anyone to carry alone. Tell people you are freaking out about your workload. Having a friend, or being a friend, during a stressful period can make a huge difference.

Here are some great tips that are so simple and that you can use to help counterbalance the stress. Keep them in mind when you’re with someone else who is showing the signs of being overwhelmed.

Our industry is built on families. Not only do we move families, but the foundation of our individual businesses is family. We need to take care of each other. We’re all better when we’re functioning at full health.

Moving expenses as tax deductions

It’s that time of year when your customers from 2018 are going to be calling looking for their moving receipt for tax purposes. CAM has put together a list of eligible and ineligible tax deductions for moving expenses (and the print and fillable forms) that you may wish to pass on to your customers.

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GUT challenge


Get Up There for Colorectal Cancer!
Every day one Nova Scotian dies from a disease that is 90% preventable. For the past 10 years, Nova Scotians have hiked up and skiied down Ski Wentworth as many times as possible to raise funds to fight against colorectal cancer. Help Len Hoyt and Team Hoyt meet their challenge to help find a cure and save lives.

Feature Spotlight


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CAM news

CAM address
From time to time, we still receive a membership renewal payment that’s been forwarded from our old address. This mail-forwarding will be discontinued so, in order to ensure we receive your renewal payment in a timely fashion, please ask your accounts folks update their record with our current address: PO Box 26004, RPO Churchill, Mississauga, ON L5L 5W7.

CAM Spring issue of The Canadian Mover

We’ve started to put the spring issue of The Canadian Mover together. This issue will contain our member listings so please review your listing as it appears on our website and let us know by March 27, 2019 if you’d like us to make any changes. We’d like to help promote your social media presence too, so please send us your links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and we’ll add them to your listing.

CAM Annual Conference & Trade Show


Mark your calendar for our Annual Conference which will be Sunday-Tuesday, November 17-19, 2019 at the Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain, ON. Come for the conference – stay for the fun. Watch for registration details.

50s Flashback


Thanks to those of you who’ve responded to our shout out for your pictures and stories about CAM from “the old days”

Here’s a 1950s photo of Tom and Paul Filgiano’s dad, founder of Meldrum The Mover in Montreal. The credo CAM2_01302019.jpgthat’s overlaid was recently written by author Robert Johnston, an employee of Meldrum The Mover.  As Paul tells CAM, anyone who has a passion for our industry, this credo ‘cuts deeply to the core of why we have chosen to make a career in the moving industry.’  Well done Robert – your words resonate with so many of us.

What stories do you know about your parents’ or grandparents’ involvement with CAM over the years?  We'd love to hear them and share with our members.  Please share them with Marian or Nancy. It's time to reflect back and celebrate! | | Media Kit
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